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AuroVanam – Nature’s Lab

Auro Vanam is a Sri Aurobindo Society initiative that seeks to foster a deeper emotional and spiritual connection between humans and nature, promoting a sustainable co-existence with the natural world. As a Resource Centre, Auro Vanam offers students an opportunity to explore and understand nature and the environment, providing a more experiential approach to learning science subjects. The goal is to enable a true resurrection of our relationship with nature and to sustain this co-existence for generations to come.


The objective of Auro Vanam is to create a research-based, scalable, sustainable, and replicable model that can be implemented nationwide, accompanied by comprehensive modules for experiential environmental education for both teachers and students.




Regular programs will be developed in collaboration with schools, including special schools, to allow both teachers and students to utilize the facilities as direct beneficiaries. The target age group for this facility will be students from class 4 to 12, ranging from 9 to 17 years of age. The facility will also benefit the Education department as it can serve as the groundwork to develop resource material.

The approach is to use an experiential model that involves exploring, understanding, and interacting with nature in a specially curated natural forest with a diverse range of biodiversity. The primary focus of the facility is to provide environmental education to students, instilling a sense of responsibility for nature at an early age.

One of the major elements of AuroVanam is a nature trail with multiple theme-based zones, such as a butterfly park, moon trail, mythological garden, and amazing plants. The aim is to provide a completely natural space for children to explore, interact with, and experience nature, nurturing environmental sensitivity and a sense of oneness with nature.

The facility also seeks to promote eco-conservation and sustainable living through experiential awareness, offering experiential nature labs and projects with hands-on experiences for children and youth to engage and develop multiple senses to observe nature and their surroundings. Additionally, Auro Vanam aims to help individuals understand the inter-relationships between various biotic and abiotic components.

Overall, Auro Vanam aims to serve as a model and a research and training center to help similar initiatives across the country.

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