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Experiential Stem Learning through Robotics & Dynamic Toys

This project (Experiential STEM Learning through Robotics & Dynamic Toys) focuses on introducing Science Project-based Experiential Learning through Basic Electronics and Dynamic Toys to 15 government schools in Puducherry. Our aim is to ignite a passion for STEM education and empower students by enhancing their critical thinking skills, real-world problem-solving abilities, and ICT proficiency. Through the incorporation of collaborative learning methods, product development opportunities, and the introduction of electronics concepts, we envision inspiring and equipping the children of Puducherry for a future driven by innovation and scientific exploration.


This is an innovative proposal by Svarnim Puducherry to introduce Science Project-based Experiential Learning through Basic Electronics and Dynamic Toys to the children of 15 government schools in Puducherry.

By engaging in science-based projects and utilizing scientific methods, children will enhance their critical thinking skills, apply science to real-world problem-solving, and utilize ICT to develop projects that can address simple problems. This initiative aims to foster product/prototype development among students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, with technical support and hands-on activities focusing on the fundamental mechanics of dynamic toys.

Furthermore, children will be introduced to basic electronics concepts, gradually progressing to advanced mechatronics. They will also gain an understanding of IoT (Internet of Things) application development and block code-based scratch programming.

The project will be implemented through a combination of mentor-learner and peer-peer learning approaches, fostering teamwork and collaborative learning.




Science is all about observing things and processes around us and trying to understand them by asking the appropriate questions of what, why, how, and when. Understanding science and having a scientific attitude towards all that happens around us is of utmost importance as a society’s advancement is based on knowledge, skills, and resources and above all, how we use them sustainably and not taxing the environment around us.

Science and technology is an everyday word that we hear but mostly we do not understand it so well. The result is that a lot of things are spread in the name of science without the basic analysis and process of critical thinking, and experimentation resulting in a lot of pseudo-science getting spread. And sadly, technology plays a major role in spreading such fake concepts/messages as well.

Children, though learn science, it is detached from everyday life and moreover, technology is not understood the way it should have been but rather as a black box robbing children of its curiosity, upscaling and developing the product further or upgradation, making youth unable to be an entrepreneur or to think of as one. When they come across real-time projects with industry or even societal applications, they are facing more difficulties.

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