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School and Community Water Literacy Project

The School and Community Water Literacy Project, which is part of the Svarnim Puducherry initiative, leverage water as a means to introduce STEM education while involving both children and their local communities. The project's objective is not only to raise awareness about water conservation but also to encourage proactive efforts to conserve water resources.


The objective of the School and Community Water Literacy Project is to create awareness about the impact of water on health, nutrition, livelihoods, and other related areas. The project also seeks to establish sustainable initiatives for conserving water resources by engaging children and their local communities through participatory, inclusive, and conscientious efforts.

As part of the project, several government schools in rural Puducherry will be adopted, and each school will select a local pond for integrated and experiential learning using STEM tools.




The School and Community Water Literacy Project aims to raise awareness among children and their local communities about COVID-19 and similar pandemics, and prepare them for effectively managing future pandemics. The project also seeks to promote an understanding of the scientific and sociological aspects of COVID-19 and its impacts and encourage the development of innovative solutions for managing any future epidemics. Another aim of the project is to promote water literacy among children, inspiring them to take action toward water management and conservation, including developing solutions for reusing water and using critical thinking. It also tries to build connections between children and their local communities with the water structures in their surroundings, raising awareness about both local and global environmental issues related to water.

Our Supporters

All for Water for All
Alliance for Good Governance (AGG)
Local Administration Department, Govt. of Puducherry
Bangaru Vaickal Neeradhara Kottaimappu Sangam
V Chandrasekhar


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