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Sri Aurobindo Bridge Education Centres

The Sri Aurobindo Bridge Education Centres are a network of educational support centers that operate in rural areas of Puducherry. These centers offer informal education in the evenings for up to two hours a day, catering primarily to economically disadvantaged children attending government schools. Experienced educators conduct the classes, which aim to provide child-centered, experiential learning through engaging activities and games. The main objective of the centers is to make the learning process a fun and enjoyable experience for the children.


The primary objective of the Bridge Education Centers is to fill gaps in students’ understanding, which could be a result of extended school closures, prolonged periods of absence from classes, or a requirement for developing expertise in language, arts, and mathematics. These centers create a conducive learning atmosphere that enables students to catch up on missed material and progress in their academic grades. Ultimately, the aim is to equip all students with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in their studies.




The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the establishment of the Bridge Education Centers. With schools closed for almost two years, children from underprivileged backgrounds were among the worst affected as they lacked internet connectivity and smartphones to access online education. This led to a learning deficit and a decline in reading, writing, and mathematical proficiency among rural school children.

The Bridge Education Centers were set up with the primary goal of helping these children improve their language skills in Tamil and English, as well as their mathematical abilities. Apart from these subjects, the centers also cover environmental studies, oral history, arts, and aesthetics. The centers are staffed by local, educated youth recruited by SVARNIM, who use experiential learning techniques and incorporate STEAM components to assist children in enhancing their skills.

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