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Sustainable Development

Sustainable living encompasses not only the creation of sustainable livelihoods but also the methods and approaches utilized in achieving this goal. The aim is to foster sustainability by being mindful of all aspects of the environment and all members of society. Our endeavours are deliberately inclusive and forward-thinking, with the intention of contributing to the continuous process of development.


We strive to establish sustainable agriculture, architecture, and communities by engaging in research, developing effective models, educating communities on better alternatives, and implementing inclusive initiatives that foster the creation of communities grounded in the core human values of compassion, unity, integrity, and progress. Our aim is to generate a movement that unites people regardless of any form of discrimination and to cultivate future leaders.


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Bangaru Vaickal Neeradhara Kottaimappu Sangam
Centre for Sustainable Agriculture
Pitchandikulam Forest
V Chandrasekhar
P. Arjunan


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